Everything I do is rooted in my values – this is how I strive to live and work. I believe in these values – every day, every hour, every minute:


Main influences
of my work


the science of how to help people flourish and have a meaningful life


the magic of giving space for self discovery by asking questions that matter


My tool of choice to work on subconsicous levels of the mind - everything else you know already

Internal Family

An amazing approach to understand and unburden inner parts, conflicts, and protection mechanisms


there is no greater gift than being present - and create an amazinig future from there

Education & Me

Dipl. Business and Computer Science

FH Zweibrücken

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Psychology

Health & Organizational Development – Fernuniversität Hagen

Trainer for multimodal stress management

Certified §20 SGB V

Systemic Business Coach

DNLPCV, certified DIN-ISO 9001:2015

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

RYT 500

DDI Facilitator Certification

19,5 CEU, HRCI

Beyond Experience – Psychedelic Integration course

Mind Institute

25 years of experience in teaching mind-body connection

martial arts, yoga, meditation, breathwork

Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate

School of Positive Transformation, CPD accredited

Psychedelics in IFS therapy

LifeArchitect - Training Course

15 years’ experience in Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Organizational Development

self-employed, employee & manager roles

Facilitated over 500 workshops, retreats & trainings on communication, leadership, values, positive psychology, health, yoga, breathwork.

Psychedelics & Me

Some yoga friends of mine introduced me to my first plant medicine ceremony involving a lot of buckets. This allowed me to discover myself and all psychological concepts I had learned about on a level I had not witnessed before.
My scientific mind was intrigued – and I started reading all about the first wave of psychedelic therapy from the 50s and started replicating therapy sessions with friends and started taking courses on the responsible use and integration with psychedelics.
I have had many experiences with all major substances, and learned how to prepare, support, and integrate psychedelic experiences – in practice and theory. I am an advocate for the responsible use of psychedelics, and enjoy supporting my clients who feel the calling with education and integration. I am not providing or selling substances – I am not engaging in illegal activities.


My soul manifested in my body in 1980 in Germany

My first encounter to observe consciousness was at the age of 6 – when I had a situation I intended to remember forever – and did. I have always been connected to physical – so I played football every day until I was 13 and my rebellious parts told me to stop when the grown ups would say I might have a great career ahead. Instead I found my passion in practicing Taekwon-Do, which I did for 10 years up to the 2nd grade black belt.

I was thrilled by the concept of a strong mind in a strong body

and dove into Zen Buddhism. My dream of being a Taekwon-Do teacher was shattered by a hip condition – which led me to explore the gentle way of Yoga. From the physical practice I soon realized the mental and spiritual benefits and traveled to India to become a Yoga teacher in 2016.

Career wise I had studied business & computer science

and started working as a consultant in the corporate world. I loved the challenge of how to make people work together as a team. However, I have always loved traveling and felt too tight in the corporate setting and went to travel the world for 2 years and studied psychology along the way. I was self employed as a consultant & trainer for clinical research and wrote my masters thesis on the topic of yoga - and then started working as a global talent development consultant for a client where I could bring all of what I had learned into my training and coaching sessions. Alongside I was teaching yoga, coaching, giving workshops and speaking at conferences about the intersection of yoga and positive psychology.

After building up a team, implementing new global leadership programs & coaching structures

I felt like I had grown out of the company setting again. I had started investing in crypto in 2018, have made all mistakes possible, and learned a lot about blockchain, the industry and the emotions around wins and losses. Since then I dove into the rabbit whole, joined DAOs, and really got hooked. I have been amazed by the potential and people in the industry.

In 2021, I’ve decided to dedicate my full energy to pioneers in the blockchain space

and support the movement of value driven blockchain projects with all that I have learned. That is where I am right now, and I am incredibly grateful to be at service for this revolution of technology and consciousness.

Some more fun
facts about me

My first business was selling wooden surfboards from Ecuador
I play guitar, go surfing, dancing, singing, and enjoy everything that takes me out of my comfort zone
The reason to start playing guitar was the song “Wish you were here” from Pink Floyd
I have spent 2 months in contemplation on a mountain with a monk in Sri Lanka
I co-created a cacao community in Germany, just before leaving for Portugal in 2021